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Error in apparatus as aesthetic value by Alejandro Schianchi

Artist/academic Alejandro Schianchi has written a 200pg thesis on ‘Error Aesthetics.’ A kind of, “archeology of ‘error aesthetic with audiovisual apparatus’ with the context of a philosophical genealogy of failure in computer, technolgy-religion, science, economy, and occidental philosophy.” Schianchi is a … Continue reading

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GltchLnguistx: The Machine in the Ghost / Static Trapped in Mouths

Curt Cloninger published the text on which his GLI.TC/H talk was based online. Great! This is just a little introduction This essay applies Mikhail Bakhtin’s language theory of “the utterance” to the machinic event of “the glitch” in order to … Continue reading

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Jodi at GLI.TC/H

filmed and uploaded by Nina Wenhart thank you!

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GLI.TC/H (YEAH! OH!) (video by Hellocatfood)

All original material with no post processing. Go to | Shout outs/apologies to r00s, Nick Briz, Jon Satrom/Badram, Jon Cates, Vade, Morgan, Ben Baker-Smith, Jeff Don, Daniel, Dave/Mave, NameDropper9000, Theo Drst, Curt, Bob, aandnota, J Connolly, Stallio, Evan … Continue reading

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GLI.TC/H gallery show

Some videos of the opening (taken at the beginning and the ending of the evening)

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Interview with Radar Curatorial

Radar Curatorial are a Brooklyn based curatorial effort dedicated to working with artists, museums, galleries, arts institutions, corporations, and private clients worldwide to help meet their exhibition and conservation needs. In February of this year they organized an exhibition at … Continue reading

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Now that our CPUs have cooled, we can do that remembering thing.

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Databending as an Elegaic Practice

@, we spoke of databending as a transgression, as a statement, as an act of disobedience, as an expression of inquisitiveness. We engaged this work with our minds and with our perceptive understanding, but what of our hearts? Now, … Continue reading

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GLI.TC/H Program booklet

View more documents from Rosa Menkman.

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Glitch Panel Talk Audio

Glitch Panel Talk Audio (VIRUS)

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