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Now that our CPUs have cooled, we can do that remembering thing.

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Databending as an Elegaic Practice

@, we spoke of databending as a transgression, as a statement, as an act of disobedience, as an expression of inquisitiveness. We engaged this work with our minds and with our perceptive understanding, but what of our hearts? Now, … Continue reading

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Glitch Panel Talk Audio

Glitch Panel Talk Audio (VIRUS)

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still more to come

Click me for a Virus

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there are so many people at the nightingale()()()()()()()

there are an uncountable number of people at the nightingale for the GLI.TC/H screening (2) and for the live performances.

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Gallery Opening @ Roxaboxen

The opening gallery-based event at GLI.TC/H was a huge success. Held in the former viewing room of an old funeral home – turned artspace, we gathered to celebrate the lives of our pixels, tubes and boards which gave their lives in service of the exploration of something interesting and new. Continue reading

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[Glitching vs. Processing vs. Moshing vs. Signal Interference]

Types of data bending techniques and why we are all equal in the eyes of Foucault. Continue reading

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