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Tom Defanti on glitch: “Absolute Cheapest 01 Can Go w/ Home Computer Art” -1979

Digital TV Dinner is a video art clip from 1979 created by Raul Zaritsky, Jamie Fenton, and Dick Ainsworth using the Bally Astrocade console game to generate unusual patterns. The Bally Astrocade was unique among cartridge games in that it … Continue reading

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Funware follow-up

PoxParty had a super fun time performing at MU for Funware in Eindhoven NL. There’s an interview with Olga Goriunova, Curator of Fun with Software over at Rhizome David Link / OSK Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch & Ludwig … Continue reading

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T.RASHB.IN is an online component of the GLI.TC/H gathering/conference/festival where folks can upload static images and glitch art. The HTTP://T.RASHB.IN is a fork of the HTTP://OP3NFR4M3W0RK.ORG project with added gremlin (dis)functionality. Contribute your glitch artworks to this ever-growing, populist, plug-and-play, digital-noise/glitch-art online gallery! … Continue reading

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GLI.TC/H seeks audio/video bumpers!

Like the failed iPhone 4, GLI.TC/H seeks bumpers! BUMPER:DETAILS GLI.TC/H seeks audio/video bumpers! The video should be around 30 seconds and needs to include the following: name: “GLI.TC/H”; dates: “SEP 29 – OCT 3, 2010″; location: “Chicago”; “website: “HTTP://GLI.TC/H” DOWNLOAD: … Continue reading

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GLI.TC/H GlitchBlog is UP!

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