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Glitch Fucker

an interview w/ Phil Stearns via “I called you a glitchfucker. I think because you don’t like the glitch hype. Tell me about it… I don’t like that “glitch” has become mainstream. A glitch can only be unintentional; it … Continue reading

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Error in apparatus as aesthetic value by Alejandro Schianchi

Artist/academic Alejandro Schianchi has written a 200pg thesis on ‘Error Aesthetics.’ A kind of, “archeology of ‘error aesthetic with audiovisual apparatus’ with the context of a philosophical genealogy of failure in computer, technolgy-religion, science, economy, and occidental philosophy.” Schianchi is a … Continue reading

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GltchLnguistx: The Machine in the Ghost / Static Trapped in Mouths

Curt Cloninger published the text on which his GLI.TC/H talk was based online. Great! This is just a little introduction This essay applies Mikhail Bakhtin’s language theory of “the utterance” to the machinic event of “the glitch” in order to … Continue reading

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Group Chatting with Organizers

I (Nicholas O’Brien) was incredibly fortunate to arrange a tinychat with the organizers of the upcoming gli.ct/h conference/festival/symposium/gathering. Nick Briz (who unfortunately is not in the video), Evan Meaney, Rosa Menkman, and Jon Satrom all joined me in a conversation … Continue reading

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The dominant, continuing search for a noiseless channel has been — and will always be — no more than a regrettable, ill-fated dogma.

Len Lye, A Colour Box, 1935. Lye is known to have stated: “All of a sudden it hit me. If there was such a thing as composing music, there could be such a thing as composing motion.”37 Driven by a … Continue reading

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//Publication at Nictoglobe

The preparations for GLI.TC/H are well on their way. The bots released the schedule (still a bit twitchy though) yesterday and we think its going to be really really great. Bots are almost emo! Andreas Jacobs, who is also in … Continue reading

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…glitches without borders (contd.)

[in continuation/response to Rosa’s post responding to Kyle's post responding to Evan's post] Inherent in glitch art is a denial for codification. Attempts to [con/de]fine this phenomenon, which by it’s very nature will always be in flux, can be easily … Continue reading

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GLI.TC/H: washed out jeans politics or glitches without borders?

Some days ago, Kyle posted a respons to a blogpost by Evan, one of the organizers of GLI.TC/H. I was very happy to see the critique, because I think it is important to get some conversations going and besides that, … Continue reading

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Why like noise? – by Paul Hegarty

In the glitchbots would like give form to a spectrum of glitch art: from glitch art as (‘cool’) serendipity, a tinkering product, a process —> to glitch art as a concept —-> or even a design (a ‘hot’ end … Continue reading

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Glitches vs. Glitch Art

Last April I organized a week long workshop on file formats and how to deliberately break them, to reveal and use their structures and to create new audio-visual forms out of them. Of course the question “what is a glitch” … Continue reading

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