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GLI.TC/H is co-organized by the gli.tc/h/bots = [ Nick Briz, Rosa Menkman, && jon.satrom ]

GLI.TC/H is a project/monster fueled by the glitch art communities with the intent of feeding back into it. In the winter of 2010 GLI.TC/H was a festival/conference/gathering held in Chicago, IL for five days which consisted of glitchy art, hacking/coding workshops, discussions, screenings, lectures, and realtime audio/video performances. In the winter of 20111 GLI.TC/H returned to Chicago, IL as a festival/conference/gathering featuring the works of 100 different artists from 12 different countries and expanded to include gatherings in Amsterdam, NL and Birmingham, UK. GLI.TC/H aims to bring together like-error-minded bug collectors IRL to engage/chat/debate + share work/ideas/concerns + foster collaborations + raise the bar on quality of work && thought && writing && endeavors w/in the glitch art communities.

++ past organizers/curators/facilitators have included Kim Asendorf, Theodore Darst, Evan Meaney, Antonio Roberts, Will Robertson, NUMBERS.FM [jonCates + Jake Elliott], && Jessica Westbrook.

++ has been supported by the glitch art communities ++ has been hosted by Roxaboxen, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Transistor, the Nightingale Theatre, Club Foot, MBLabs, Rodan, Enemy, Steim, Planet Art && VIVID

++ has been featured in Rhizome.org, Bad at Sports, the Creators Project, Cool Hunting, New City Art, Art Slant, Chicago Art Magazine && FNewsmagazine