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Misfortune and failure are not signs of improper production. On the contrary, they indicate the active production of the "accidental potential" in any product. The invention of the ship implies its wreckage, the steam engine and the locomotive discover the derailment. The accident is the ultimate functioning of a product.

- Paul Virilio, original: The Accident of Art, Semiotext(e): New York, 2005. p.2. Later used as motto for the DEAF Festival (Rotterdam '98).

The first question in any conversation I always try to answer is what is a glitch, even when nobody is asking me. Its something I keep learning to be important, even when I am talking to people I am sure totally know what a glitch is. Because there seems to be about as many definitions of glitch as there are people thinking about glitch. Defining glitch and keeping your perspectives clear is very important, always!

So what is a glitch?

Here is a page we can include everybody's thoughts and try to bend them into some framework we can later glitch up again.

​THE ACCIDENTAL POTENTIAL AND RU-DI/EMENTIA: Glitch as technological break

Today I read somewhere that my two year old Apple iPhone is not going to receive any new software updates. The phone still works perfectly, but unfortunately Apple decided that only her new number four will be legible for updates. In the coming months this will probably not really influence the usability of my phone. I can only speculate how long (or how short) it will actually take until this will influence its usability and finally become the reason for my phone to slide into ru-di/ementia, or maybe the phone will be abandoned sooner, when I accidentally let it crash onto the streets and its display will show its beautiful liquid crystal insides.

Success and failure, function and disfunction or upgrade and obsolescence come hand in hand; they are two sides of the same coin. While the new "better" fourth generation of iphones introduces the definite failure of a third, this upgrade will only bring its own problems and imperfections. And while the perfect technology doesn't exist, both consumers and developers unilaterally support and conserve these myths of improvement and acceleration: a perspective in which the future will continue to repeat itself.


A glitch is a technology based, perceived moment.

Instigate a glitch

A composition to glitch = a technology based perceived moment

Technically, a glitch is best understood as an unexpected, unexplainable consequence of an interruption within one or more (digital) information-flows. All these flows of digital information are encoded, often with the help of compressions, to store or transfer data as easy and fast as possible, a technique that is normally obfuscated.

However, when a flow of data is broken, its reception can quite possible be corrupted. When the data of for instance an image is corrupted, this can reveal the language of the compression, that breaks through the surface of the image. A technological event that is sometimes used as a tool in art or as a style in design.

As a result of the r different compression artifacts and their esthetics, Menkman wrote "A Vernacular of File Formats": a manual to navigate and create new glitch design through glitching the diglossia of compression and image.

Okay. This is a glitch with the snowy power. If you add #snow#w[anything above 4] it will make it clear. w1, w2, w3, and w4 are 4 difenreft shape snowflakes that can be used with snowy. If you don't put #w[1-4] after snowy, it will use a random shape flake. Because there are only 4 shapes, if you try to use a 5th one, there in no shape such as that so flash doesn't know what to put there so flash leaves it blank and that is how you get the clear.

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