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GLI.TC/H is an annual international noise && [dirty] new-media
event/conference/symposium/festival/gathering -- visit our
fb.group https://www.facebook.com/glidottcslashh
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Deconstructional Video @LIFF

Can the electronic stutters, crashes, errors and glitches that
we encounter with technology in our day-to-day lives be considered
beautiful in their own right? This programme of extraordinary
video work showcases contemporary artists who exploit and explore
the imperfections hidden in the signal/ data structures of moving
image technology to striking effect. Recalling early video art
experiments and key films from the Structural movement, these
sometimes abstract but always emotional videos ultimately reveal
the human qualities inherent in the technology we have created,
electronic warts and all.
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GLI.TC/H Program @FLIP

GLI.TC/H presents a screening of corrupted, glitched and damaged
videos as a preview of GLI.TC/H 2011.
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Glitch vs Scratch via MisAlt@ATA

The MisALT Screening Series is excited to present its October
screening: “Glitch vs. Scratch.” This screening seeks to create a
dialog between artists working in Scratch Cinema (film based
practices that make interventions on the celluloid level) and
Glitch based video and media practices (which manipulate images by
exploiting vulnerabilities on the molecular and electron level of
video tape and code), to bridge the gap between work that focuses on
the material underpinnings of cinema and work that brings attention
to the often invisible foundation that lies beneath digital images.
The bubbling, flickering, abstractions of decaying, damaged, and
melting celluloid meet the frantic and ghostly distortions of mangled
signals and scripts.
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d1sc0nN3ct @Townhouse Factory Space

d1sc0nN3ct is a week-long event that explores (and provokes) breakdowns
in the system. Conceived of in response to the international GLI.TC/H
festival taking place this November in Chicago, Amsterdam, and Birmingham,
U.K., d1sc0nN3ct features new work by Cairo and Alexandria-based artists that
experiment with corrupting software, hardware, and digital and analogue media
to create (seemingly) meaningless, functionless, and potentially subversive
aesthetic errors. Projects by artists including Sarah Samy, Kareem Lotfy,
Ahmed el Shaer, Amr Ali and others include corrupted files, gifs, deformed codes,
and video art games that will be shown alongside contributions from an international
roster of dirty new media practitioners. Film screenings, artist talks, and other
programming will take place throughout the week.
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