Kim Asendorf
Screen Fuck

this glitch screengrab tool captures the screen into the buffer and then the buffer becomes manipulated by some unusual data management functions.

Mark Beasley + Nicholas O'Brien

The software aims to implement GUI gestures that complicate user interface and complacent point-and-click culture. Made w/ wxPython for OSX

Ben Baker-Smith

GlitchBot is an automated glitch creation / distribution program and persona.

Wendy Collin Sorin
Collage:Shared Memory

color-coded dots, reinforcements, slide labels on Somerset

Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov
llegal Copyright Infringement

Made from illegal parts of stolen data. Stolen data from Microsoft files, Adobe System Files, Graphics Instruction Text Files...

Ted Davis

Through the precise mishandling of this region within the digital structure, the image is forced to display according to how you set the values.

Jake Elliott
kitten glitches

Kitten Glitches is an algorithmic Tumblr account created by Jake Elliott

Michele Jaslow + Spring Hofeldt
Glitch Generation

Glitch Generation is a group exhibition of artworks rooted in mistakes, either intentional or found, including "glitches" in the wiring of our brains. Some participating artists have created a unique environment to produce a malfunction in an otherwise stable system, while others have happened upon a glitch by chance.

Leia Jospe

"For this work I decided to experiment with turning images files into sound files. I took the default color gradients on Photoshop and turned them into sound files using Audacity. I wanted to see if any musical patterns turned up based on where certain colors were placed in the gradient."

Kyle McDonald
Only Everything Lasts Forever

Only Everything Lasts Forever is a very long sound composition for MP3. It contains every sound we can distinguish as humans, as dictated by the MP3 specification (ISO/IEC 11172-3). It explores the social and political associations of sound representation, and the psychology and philosophy of noise and emptiness.

James Smith
'Spam' (NOISE <> SIGNAL)

For ?Spam?, a custom software applications sources, collates and translates spam emails into self-creating real-time acousmatic ?textscapes?.

ucnv aviglitch

AviGlitch is a Ruby library that destroys your AVI files. This library also includes a command line tool named datamosh.
$ datamosh /path/to/your.avi -o /path/to/broken.avi


upload your picture, let it be destroyed and see it reborn in the whole new perspective.



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